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Benny Benassi - Satisfaction - Music Video from YouTube


Jessica Simpson Sexy - Hot Video from YouTube


Britney Spears- Sexy - Hot Video from YouTube


Paris Hilton Sexy - Video from YouTube


No Way Out - Burning in December - Cool Music Video from YouTube


Linkin Park - Points of Authority - Music Video from YouTube


MC Hammer - Can't Touch This - Music Video from YouTube

One of the few rap songs I like.;)

Queens Of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow: Cool Video from YouTube

Video Coolness.

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit - Music VIdeo from YouTube

Love it.

My Chemical Romance - Helena - Hot Music Video from YouTube

Entertainment just doesn't get any better than this.;)

AMV White Stripes - Fell in Love with a Girl - Cool YouTube Music Video

Short, Sweet and Packed with Energy.

Hooters Pantyhose Hot - Video from You Tube

Pearl Jam - Jeremy - Music Video from YouTube

Oh Yeah.

Just a Gigalo - David Lee Roth - Music Video from YouTube

I am just a gigalo, everywhere I go...

The Killers - Mr. Brightside

The Killers are Awesome.;)

Oasis - Stand by Me - Music VIdeo from YouTube

Got a lot of things to learn...

Patty Smyth - The Warrior - Music Video from YouTube

Stereo Jungle Child here.;)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication - YouTube Music Video

Can't beat Californication.;)

Short Skirt, Long Jacket - Cake

Eyes that burn like cigarettes...

Matthew Good Band- Everything is Automatic - Video from YouTube

Everything is automatic.

Dramatic Chipmunk are still here...I said GO CHECK IT OUT.:D

Hamster Dance

Don't miss the video series on rodent intelligence over at "The Clever Cynic."

ANOTHER DAY AT THE BEACH - Music VIdeo from YouTube

I live for the beach.;)

Paris Hilton - Turn It Up - Music Video from YouTube


The Faint - Glass Danse - Music Video from YouTube

Gotta love The Faint

Incubus-Drive - Music VIdeo from YouTube

Matthew Good - Everything is Automatic- Music Video from YouTube

This is an awesome album. Best song of '97 IMO.

Hot For Teacher- Van Halen


Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue - Music Video from YouTube

Sometimes - Britney Spears - Music Video from YouTube

Her voice is so effortless.

Christina Aguilera - Aint No Other Man

Mmmm Christins.;)

Korn-Freak On A Leash

Nothing like walking through your neighborhood with a leashed freak.;) Try it sometime.

Tool - Schism Music Video

This is art at a new level.

Aces high-Iron Maiden

I would like to send a thank you to our men and women in Iraq who are bravely defending our country...THANK YOU.

Our Lady Peace,

Too bad the film is so worn...this is an awesome video.

The White Stripes - The Hardest Button To Button

Love it.

Yumiko Music Video


Yumiko Video


Noelia Music Video Golpeando Fuerte - Video de Noelia

That last song called for a duo.

Noelia Video - Candela - Video de Noelia

I totally love her voice.

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon

The mad scientist...

Ozzy Osbourne-Dreamer

Oh yeah...awesome.

Velvet Revolver - Sucker Train Blues - Rock Am Ring 2007


Sad King Ott's Daughter

I wish they had a "morph" button for intelligence.;)

Dramatic Chipmunk

Don't miss the special investigation into rodents over at The Clever Cynic. It is a video special that all started with an article about exercise boosting rat intelligence...go have fun.

Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal

Now THIS is my idea of a science project.;)

Hot Women, Cold Beer

Hmmm...apparently they have good taste...except in clothes.;)

Awesome Flash Music Video

Apparently they have flash.;)

Hot Video - Bikini Bike Wash - Hooters of Salem NH

So what are you waiting for? Go get your motorcycle dirty.;)

Guns N' Roses - November Rain

Long but worth every minute...;)

Noelia Inevitable Music Video--Video de Noelia

Totally awesome voice.

Coldplay - The Scientist

Ask me your questions...

The Faint - Agenda Suicide

Ah the establishment, social order and life with Hilary CLinton as President all rolled up into one.;)

just - radiohead

Pure Musical Genius.;)

Red Hot Chili Peppers Music Video - Under The Bridge

One of my favorite bands.

Yumiko Music VIdeo


Britney Spears Music Video - Everytime (Ambient Remix)

I love the editing on this.

Shakira Music Video Whenever, Wherever

This OOZES energy.

Suzanne Vega - Luka

Cool video...but she needs a cooler guitar.;) The drummer rocks though.


Cool song from Queen. I love the artwork in this one.

Big Time - Peter Gabriel (HQ Audio)

So much larger than life...

Paris Hilton Video- Nothing In This World

And if you havn't had enough of Paris.;)

We Share Our Mother's Health - The Knife

Disturbed yet cool.

Walking Contradiction - Green Day

This is awesome.


I love this video.

Noelia Video Photos

She has a great voice.

Video de Noelia Pedroche (Noelia Video)


Video de Noelia 2007 (Noelia Video)

Noelia Video

the pussy cat dolls - buttons

Wow. The Pussycat Dolls rule.

Linkin Park - Papercut

I love this band.

Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams




Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash

It's allright now...

Pussy Cat Dolls - I Dont Need Man

Hmmmm....gonna be tough...these girls ROCK.;)

Spice Girls - 2 Become 1

There has been a lot of buzz about the Spice Girls Reunion...but can they stack up against the Pussy Cat Dolls?

Paula Abdul (with Ofra Haza) - My Love Is For Real

Oh yeah this works.

Paula Abdul - Straight Up

Don't forget, Paula Abdul's Reality show premieres tonight on Bravo.

Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet

It is my Juliet...:D

ZZ Top - Burger Man

I'm am your burger man.;)

ZZ Top:

I love this video

Symptom Finger



Paris Hilton - Jealousy

I think some people are just jealous of Paris.;)

Citizens for a Better America -


Yumiko Video Music

Somehow this transcends the language barrier.;)

Yumiko Shaku Video Bikini

Wow Yumiko is hot.;)

The Knife - You Take My Breath Away

Now we're talking.

Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder Full Video

Ok, enough of the cheesy videos...

Tell me what you see (Beatles - Rare version by Ale Burgos)

More effective cheese.

Yup cheesy ... yet effective.

In the Back Of A Pontiac

Today's video theme...cheesy yet effective.;)

Highway Ninja Shark

This is so cheesy it is actually good.


Too bad she isn't available on American Singles.:D

Noelia - Candela - 5/29/07 El Paso, Tx - Exa Party

Dang. ;O

Jessica Simpson-A public affair

Wow if these girls weren't so hot it would be sickening.;)

Aiden - I Set My Friends On Fire

I guess this shows you be careful who your friends are.;)

Aiden - Die Romantic

Video coolness.

Spice Girls - Who do you think you are

More Spicyness.;)

Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There

Just in...according to Yahoo News! The Spice Girls are planning a reunion. Hmm..should be spicy.;)


Now for some Aerosmith....YES

The Knack - Not Fade Away

Don't miss the video series on "The Knack" over at The Clever Cynic.

Rihanna - Umbrella

Uhuh, Uhuh, Rihanna

White Stripes - Blue Orchid

I love this band.

the white stripes - seven nation army

White stripes ...I love this video


And another Noelia Video.


Video de Noelia


Paris Hilton looking fine.;)

Noelia Golpeando Fuerte

And another by Noelia.

Noelia - Candela

Dang she is so sexy.

Fergie feat. Ludacris - Glamorous Sims


Fergie Big Girls Dont Cry [Video Premire]


Britney Spears - Slave 4 U

Hotter Britney.;)

Britney Spears-...Baby one more time...

Early Britney.

foo fighters-learn to fly

Hmmm. Great song.

foo fighters - everlong

And now some Foo Fighters.

Christina Aguilera - Hurt

And again.

Christina Aguilera - Fighter

One of the most-beautiful women on earth.

REO Speedwagon - Take It On The Run (live)

Love this song.

Keep on Loving you - Reo Speedwagon (HQ Audio)

Here is the problem fool...get out of that bed and figure out how to be a rock star then she will beg to have you.;)

Staying Alive Celebrity Music Video - American Idol

OOPS this version is MUCH cooler.;)

Bee Gees Stayin' Alive

Sure this is disco but these guys put on one of the best live shows EVER and the song is so classic.

Amorphous Androgynous-the Emptiness of Nothingness

You know, you just gotta love a title like this one...and a video to match.;)

Sticky: Dumsmart Rumfart

Interesting name I must say.

Fantasia - Fantallica

Now this is Fantasia as it SHOULD be.;)

2006 Hooters Swimsuit Contest Part 2

Ok, this should wipe all that from my mind.;)

Quiet Riot - Mama Weer All Crazee Now

They are trying to help me recover from Leonid overdose. ;)

Quiet Riot - Metal Health

After seeing so much Leonid footage I need to restore my mental health...lets ROCK.

Leonid is Back for Season Two on America's Got Talent

Recognize the guy in the following video? It is Leonid the Magnificent of America's Got Talent Fame. He is back for season two and advanced past the frist round. As you can see from this video, Leonid has added some HOT CHICKS to his act and has quite a polished performance now. If you want to see the rest of the video series and read the rest of the story check out the posts on The Clever Cynic. Leonid is colorful to say the LEAST but they guy can put on quite a show once you add in the foxy ladies.;)

Leonid the Magnificent &Hollywood

Leonid the Magnificent Leopatra, Hollywood

Bardot - Poison

Mmmm nice.

Sophie Monk - Inside Outside

Apparently when she isn't rubbing cheeseburgers on her body she sings.;)

Sophie Monk Swimming Pool Scene

Don't miss the story about Sopie Monk over at The Clever Cynic...She was named the sexiest vegetarian in Australia but in this video she is CHOWING DOWN ON CHEESEBURGERS.

Bon Jovi - (You Want To) Make a Memory (Official Video)


BON JOVI Lost Highway live NYC 2007

Bon Jovi has number one album this week with, "Lost Highway." Grats, Jon

SI Swimsuit 2007 Irina

I don't think she was really PLAYING the looked fake...but somehow I really didn't mind.;)

Electrico Animated Music Video


A tale of rock


Random Music Video- Goofy Goober Rock


Rock Star Video

The video quality gives this a dirty-impressionistic feel that kind of grew on me as it went along.

Korean rock musician [Seo Taiji]-[Take One]

This has a loooonnnnnnngggggg intro, so bear with it. The video is awesome. I have never seen so much energy in one place in my life.

TAK MATSUMOTO-TAKE FIVE rock version girs on play guitar


Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Friends

Amazing band.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside

Peppers for the win.

Brazilian Thalita Oliveira in South Beach Swimwear

And now for some fashion.;)

Gumball 2007 - Race day!


christina aguilera ft. missy elliot= car wash

OH yeah...

germans -

Exactly why you should wash your hands after you use a public just don't know where it has been.;)

Glitch Rock (Crash) By Seattle's Beehive


Nine Inch Nails - ONLY


nail art

And now for less painful nail art...

Nine Inch Nails Hurt

Speaking of emotion...

Andy Mckee - Art of Motion - Guitar -

Wanna see a guy PLAY ACOUSTIC? ;)

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love

This song is awesome, amazing emotion



Evilnine Crooked ft. Aesop Rock

I normally don't care for rap and this video is kind of simple, but I like something about it. hmmmm

Tied On A String

That guitar is so cool.

Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar is this video AGAIN...;) LOVE THIS ya can't tell eh?

smashing pumpkins 1979

Love this song. Particularly like the bumpersticker, don't miss it.;)



Ai Phoenix - He kisses the streets I walk

Hmmm....this so perfectly suits the song.

Hell on wheels-Having ones luggage labeled

HEY, never say this site isn't informative...this ia a travel tip...there ya go, information.;)

VS 'Forums vs Brennan's world vs Ego City'

WOW ... if I ever make a music video, I want this guy to edit it.;)

Linkin Park - Pts.OF.Athrty [Animated]

Doesn't get much better than this.

Smosh Short 2: Stranded


Say It's Possible

Yes it is possible apparently.;)



Quiet-riot/Let`s get Crazy

Time to honk off the neighbors...;)...cranks it up.

Metallica- One

Everyone should watch this video at least there ya go.

The White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button


Metallica In The Simpsons

Fade To Black - Metallica (Live 1992)

Dang...I'll bet this was an awesome show live.



the kinks- you really got me

Going way back for a true classic.

Josh Radin - Closer


The Killers - Glamourous Indie Rock And Roll

And now for some Indie rock.

DO YOU LOVE NOODLES? I DO!!! much do you love noodles?



Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone 1966

Perhaps the most-classic of all songs.;)

Toto -

WOW I had totally forgotten about this song.


Bananas are good.:)

Cheap Trick- I want you to want me

This song ROX.

Cheap Trick-Surrender

And now for some Cheap Trick...Saw them live one time...totally rocked.

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky (live at Later... )

The guy is ugly as sin...but he can sing.

Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO


Linkin Park - Valentines Day [ MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT]

I love this song.

REO Speedwagon - Take It On The Run (live)

Saw this band live when I was a kid....BLEW ME AWAY ....

Final Fantasy VIII - Miss You in a Heartbeat


Def Lepard- Pour Some Sugar On Me


The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning

This is something mellow to suit my mood.

Quiet Riot - Metal Health

And here to help Paris and her mental health.;)

Paris Hilton - Jealousy

Paris Hilton is a free woman now. So here is a Paris tune.;)

GUNS N ROSES welcome to the jungle(original.)

This just Ownz.

Jethro Tull: Locomotive Breath (02/10/1977)

This guy is a TRIP to watch but I feel I have just experienced a rare glimpse of true greatness.

Jethro Tull: Aqualung (02/10/1977)

Ian Anderson may have the best voice EVER.


I never get tired of this voice.

radiohead - street spirit (fade out)

This is a trip.

Hollywood Park - Women's Bikini Race

WOW this is the lamest excuse EVER to get girls to run around in bikinis.;O

The Killers - Mr. Brightside

Guess I'll look to the Brightside.;)

My Chemical Romance-I'm Not Okay I Promise

Rock on. l_l

Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue


Girls Girls Babs

Ummmm...........Y E S.....

Tommy Lee - Hold Me Down

Hmmm...who played drums?

Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why

This is one MELLOW song.

Mark Oh Let it out ( Shout Shout Shout ) Video

You are either going to love this or hate it...up to you to decide. I don't tell you what to like, I just choose 'em.;)

The Knife - When I Found The Knife Again

This video is so far ahead of everyone else, it isn't even a race.;)

The Knife - Live - Kino

Starts off boring...bear with it.

Lenny Kravitz - Are you Gonna go my way

The drummer on this is Cindy Blackman of of the best ever.

The Foxhole Manifesto


Van Halen - Eruption

Eddie Van Halen...need I say more?

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary

Workin' for the man every night and day...

Madonna - Lucky Star

Mmmm, Madonna.;)

Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Pop Go The Sixties 1969)

Classic Stones.

Land Of Confusion - Genesis

They call me by a million screams.;)

Genesis Mama

Some of the best keyboard ever.

Blue Oyster Cult - Vengeance (The Pact)

Cool mix video.


This band has been around FOREVER.;)

modified cars

Car coolness.

The Cars -

This is one of the best songs ever.

Aerosmith-Dream On (live)

These guys are so smooth.

Aerosmith - Chiquita

This is a kind of rare video of a lesser-known Aerosmith tune.

Pearl Jam - Jeremy

Some of the strongest vocals in the world.;)

Pearl Jam

This is an awesome band.

Swimsuit Singles: Lana Lotts

She is so hot.

crazy frog

Ok...I am outta here...enjoy the show.;)

Dinosaur And Pig

Wonder what that pig eats?

Dinosaur Fart

The pig's expression is PRICELESS.

Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult

Awesome Cult Video.

animator vs animation II

The saga continues...



Webcam 1

HeHeHe...gotta love Family Guy.;)

Tears For Fears - Shout

Been a while since I heard this one.


I couldn't understand a word of this and somehow it didn't matter.;)

OK GO Treadmill Dance

Hmmm, I just run on mine...

Music Instructor - Super Sonic

Dang, this is TIGHT. The girl in the blue halter is so gorgeous.

Music Instructor - Rock Your Body


Ballad of Black Mesa

New age plus flash.;) Winning duo IMO.

A Dance type Doctor Who Theme.

Ok...time to test out the subwoofer...this is wikked so crank it up.

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift Cool Music

I SERIOUSLY need a drift car.

The Faint - Agenda Suicide

The Faint just totally rules.

The Onion Heads - Downfall

Simple...yet effective.

The Doors Roadhouse Blues

The subtitles at the beginning are a riot.

Aerosmith - Jaded


Boston - Augustana

Ok, it is Sunday morning...need something MELLOW.;) Ok, ok I know to most people it is afternoon, but it was a late night last night.;)

Styx - Babe

Saw this band in concert once...just mindblowing.;)

Def Leppard - Hysteria

I am just an illusion.

Christina Aguilera - Fighter

Uh huh...



Kiss - Detroit Rock City

Ok, this works.;)

pussy cat dolls -sway


alive pearl jam

This song is amazing I am going to go play guitar. Catch ya later...enjoy the tunes.

Another one bites the dust Queen

And another one down...this is greatness.;)

Queen-We Will Rock You

We will, we will, rock you...

Party with beer, friendly version

Hmmm...I think he may be onto something.;)

RIPE TV PRESENTS: BIKINI WORLD - Picture Perfect: The Draft

Mindless, but sexy.;)

RIPE TV PRESENTS: 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year


Tha Real Line Rider


bad to the bone

Oh great. One of my George Thorogood videos didn't post. (bet you thought I couldn't count to two.);) Also, I want to send a salute out to the men and women serving overseas in Iraq...rock on.

Sultans of Swing - Live Aid

Awesome song...I am heading out for a while.;) Enjoy the show.

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

And your chicks are free.;)

Free - All Right Now RARE


Bad company Rock and roll fantasy

Well, no one has called the police in a while so I am cranking it up.;)

Aerosmith - Crying

Takes my breath away too.


That kind of lovin' drives a man insane...

I Drink Alone

Too bad New Orleans got flooded.:( That was one of the best places to party on earth. This was a live performance from New Orleans.

ZZ TOP - Sharp Dressed man - video

Ok your neighbors are already pissed off, so why wasteit? This calls for a twofer. Jam on.

ZZ Top:

Ok, first some instructions. 1. TURN UP THE VOLUME ALL THE WAY. If you neighbors don't call you after this song to complain and the glass isn't rattling in your windows, you aren't doing it right.

2. Mainly watch the bottom half of the screen. You are going to see some of the best legs of all don't be spacing off and miss them.;)

3. Get a second job and have a car custom-made for you that looks a lot like the one in this video.;)

4. Then, blow the rest on a Harley Davidson.'re all set...rock on.

We Share Our Mother's Health - The Knife

Wow, disturbed, yet so entertaining.


California for the win.;)

The Rolling Stones- Satisfaction (I can't get no)

When I'm driving in my car...

Kansas - Dust In the Wind

Saw these guys live show ever.

ACDC - Back In Black

I saw these guys live blew my mind.

You Shook Me All Night Long


Sexy girl in lingere

Short...but sweet.

Bikini Karate Babes

Bikinis and karate...hmmm, works for me.;)

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

One of the greatest songs of all time...

We will rock you (Cartoon Version)

We will, we will, rock you...

When I'm Sixty-Four

When I'm 64...

Van Halen - You Really Got Me

Eddie Van Halen can totally WAIL on guitar.;)

Sexy Female Fitness Models on

Apparently Health and Fitness for the WIN.

Fergie - Fergalicious


Lindsay Lohan meets Fat Kid Again....

And now we go to commercial break.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Zephyr Song

I feel it more than ever...

Talking Heads - Wild Wild Life

I love this band.

Aerosmith -- Sweet Emotion

I don't think is is possible to pack more awesomeness in a video.

The Knife - Like a Pen

Hmmm...I need one of those pens too.;)

Kiteboarding - PKRA Sicily - Girls

Dang, I need a Kite Board...ok bye, I am going shopping.

The Killers - For Reasons Unknown

Kind of cheesy but the song rocks.


I am positive you would never see me wear that. He seems to get a lot of chicks though.;)

The Cars - Just What I Needed (Live In Houston 1984)

I don't mind you coming here and wasting all my time...

Exotic Cars-Sean Paul

In case the ladies are wondering what to get me for my birthday, this is my shopping list.:) Any of these would be fine.

The Cars -

One of my favorite bands EVER.

Don't Miss the Series on "The Clever Cynic" About, "Marriage From the Guy's Perspective"

Be sure to cruise over to check out the series on "The Clever Cynic" about, "Marriage From the Guy's Perspective." It is a riot and has a lot of cool video.

Top 20 Coolest Guitar Licks

Wow, some of the best bands ever.


She is so gorgeous.

Rihanna - Umbrella

The rap at the start stinks, but once you get past that it is cool.

Stick Figures On Crack 2

I don't think stick figures are morning people.

Naruto Hell

A bit grainy but still awesome.

Three Days Grace - (I Hate) Everything About You

Guess this was a bad breakup.;)

Ghost Of You MCR [Music Video]

This is humbling.

My Chemical Romance - Helena


Wicked Game

One of the coolest videos ever.

Human Behaviour

Hmmm... must be something amazing in that bowl of cereal.

Judas Priest Breaking The Law

This is old but classic.;)


WOW. this or I'll sue you.

Random Flash with Music

Gotta love flash video.

Josefina Swimsuit Photoshoot

Yes, she's beautiful.;)

Th $1.98 Beauty Paegent: swimsuit competition

Cheesy, yet hot.;)

Foo Fighters - Best of You

Can't miss with the Foo Fighters.

Symptom Finger

I think after watching this I need some prozac.;) Cool though.

The Faint - Glass Danse

Another by "The Faint," I love this band.

LEGO jump - Dj fox ft.Chicago Zone - Again's A Melody

Lego coolness.

The Faint--ParanoiAttack

Nothing like a little paranoia.;)