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Never Enough - Roisin - Free Music VIdeos - YouTube - utube

This has to be the best ever video from Roisin.

Placebo Every You and Every Me - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube

This band has an awesome sound.

Gloria - Nameri Si Maistora

She has to be one of the most-gorgeous women in the world.

Disco 2000 By Pulp

That last song was a trip, so I am posting up another one. This one starts off sounding a lot like "Gloria," don't you think?

Pulp - The Trees

How ironic that a group called "Pulp" has a video about trees.;) Cool video though.:D

Radio Ga Ga - Free Music Videos - YouTube

I have forgotten all about this is like finding an old favorite album under the carseat.:D

Saint Etienne - Who Do You Think You Are? - Free Music Videos

I am checking out some new videos tonight...enjoy.;)

Anna Vissi - Call Me

She has the most-amazing voice.

Scene - Hair / Emo Hair Cuts..

Here is a look at some of the Emo Hairstyles.

Rihana - S.O.S. - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube video


Lindsay Lohan - My Innocence - Hot - Sexy - Music Video - YouTube


Lindsay Lohan - Music Video - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube


Linkin Park - Don't Stay - Free YouTube Music Videos - utube


Mischa Barton - Hot Music VIdeo


Mischa Barton - Hot - Sexy - Music Video - YouTube - utube videos


Scarlett Johansson - Hot Sexy Music Video


Johanna Cardona Video - Video de Johana Cardona - TV Reporter - Brazial - Hot - Sexy

The cutest reporter from Brazil.;)

I Drove All Night - Celine Dion - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube

Dang, she is cute.:D

Celine Dion - I'm Alive - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube video


Hilary Duff - Hot Music VIdeo from YouTube - utube


Plain White Ts - Hey There Delilah

This song is so smooth.

Sabra Wins "So You Think You Can Dance" -Sabra and Neil - Jazz Video

Sabra wins "So You Think You Can Dance." Congrats, Sabra.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Bjork - Human Behaviour - YouTube Free Music Video - utube

Today, we take a look at Bjork. She is super-talented and always turns out an awesome video. Enjoy the show.

Bjork Interview British CH5 - Music News

Today we are taking a look at Bjork. An amazing talent from Iceland...

Björk - Unravel - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube

Today's featured artist...Bjork.

Bjork - Hunter - Free Music Video - YouTube - utube

Today I am featuring artist, Bjork. She has a wide range of styles and some unique videos. Enjoy the show.

Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube

Today I am featuring an artist...Bjork. Enjoy the show.

Bjork - Earth Intruders - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube

Today I am featuring an artist. Bjork...enjoy the show.;)

Money - David Guetta


Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun - Free YouTube Music Video

Retro cool.

Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone - YouTube Music Video

Wow, this band is a real trip.:O

Eisley - Invasion - Free Music Video - YouTube - utube videos


John Lennon - Woman - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube

This song is so classic.

Lindsay Lohan - NEW Bikini Video - Hot Sexy YouTube Video - utube


Lisa Scott-Lee - Hot Sexy Free Music VIdeo - YouTube - utube