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Prep Unit - Tea Partay (New England Gangstas)

When preppie guys from New England start to rap, it is a sure sign rap is OVER;). hehe

Naruto-music video- Whisper of The Beast - Cool Music Video from YouTube


Metal Gear Solid Naruto amv - Cool Video from YouTube

Naruto coolness.

Shakira-Whenever, Wherever - Hot Music Video from YouTube


Benny Benassi - California Dreaming 2004 remix

Benny Benassi is the best DJ in American IMO.

The Faint - Glass Danse

Faint = awesome.;)

Lindsay Lohan - Sexy Bikini Show - Hot Video from YouTube

Linsday Lohan...nice.;)

Paris Hilton - Sexy - Hot Video from YouTube

The most-talked about girl on the internet...

The Beatles Norwegian Vood Very Fare - Music Video from YouTube

Beatles...need I say more?

Jethro Tull - Witches Promise

I love this album...still have it.;)

Coldplay - Music Video from YouTube


Rock and Rule - My Name is Mok - Music Video from YouTube

One of my favorites.;)

Hot Music Video from YouTube

Makes you want to go workout, doesn't it.;)

Guns N' Roses - November Rain / Rock am Ring Best Quality


The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Cool Video from YouTube

And now for a cult CLASSIC>

Sophie Monk - Inside Outside

And now for one of the sexiest Aussies.;)

Bardot - Poison - Hot VIdeo from YouTube

I never get tired of this video.

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun - Music Video from YouTube

Now THIS is a video.;)

The Faint - I Disappear - Cool Music Video from YouTube

And now some ElectroClash.;)

Cheap Trick- I Want You to Want Me - Music Video from YouTube

Cheap Trick just plain ROCKS.

The Guess Who - These Eyes - Music Video from YouTube

Great song.

Moist - Underground

Video simplicity.;)

The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha - Hot Music VIdeo from YouTube


Benny Benassi - Change Style

I love this sound.