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Webcam 1

HeHeHe...gotta love Family Guy.;)

Tears For Fears - Shout

Been a while since I heard this one.


I couldn't understand a word of this and somehow it didn't matter.;)

OK GO Treadmill Dance

Hmmm, I just run on mine...

Music Instructor - Super Sonic

Dang, this is TIGHT. The girl in the blue halter is so gorgeous.

Music Instructor - Rock Your Body


Ballad of Black Mesa

New age plus flash.;) Winning duo IMO.

A Dance type Doctor Who Theme.

Ok...time to test out the subwoofer...this is wikked so crank it up.

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift Cool Music

I SERIOUSLY need a drift car.

The Faint - Agenda Suicide

The Faint just totally rules.

The Onion Heads - Downfall

Simple...yet effective.

The Doors Roadhouse Blues

The subtitles at the beginning are a riot.

Aerosmith - Jaded


Boston - Augustana

Ok, it is Sunday morning...need something MELLOW.;) Ok, ok I know to most people it is afternoon, but it was a late night last night.;)

Styx - Babe

Saw this band in concert once...just mindblowing.;)

Def Leppard - Hysteria

I am just an illusion.

Christina Aguilera - Fighter

Uh huh...



Kiss - Detroit Rock City

Ok, this works.;)

pussy cat dolls -sway


alive pearl jam

This song is amazing I am going to go play guitar. Catch ya later...enjoy the tunes.

Another one bites the dust Queen

And another one down...this is greatness.;)

Queen-We Will Rock You

We will, we will, rock you...

Party with beer, friendly version

Hmmm...I think he may be onto something.;)

RIPE TV PRESENTS: BIKINI WORLD - Picture Perfect: The Draft

Mindless, but sexy.;)

RIPE TV PRESENTS: 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year