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A Tribute to Serj Tankian - Serj Tankian Music Video

This guy has one of the best voices ever.

V For Vendetta - Serj Tankian-Bird of Paradise - Gone

I think you will be hearing more and more about Serj Tankian...the guy is going solo and has amazing talent.

Serj Tankian - The Unthinking Majority - Serj Tankian Music Video

This guy is totally-amazing.

Serj Tankian - Charades

I must say this RULES.

Les Rita Mitsouko feat. Serj Tankian - Terminal Beauty - Music Video


Daft Punk - Crescendolls - Daft Punk House Music Video Remix


Daft Punk - Supermen Lovers - Starlight

Dang, this RULES.

Daft Punk - Something About Us - House Music Video Remix

This is STELLAR.

Daft Punk is one of my favorite bands of all-time.;)

Daft Punk - Revolution 909

Tonight, I am basking in the awesomeness of Daft Punk...these guys are pure GENIUS.;)

Wonda feat. Daft Punk - True Story - Something About Us - Music Video

This is GREAT.

Daft punk Girl - Daft Punk Music Video - YouTube


Daft Punk - Tron - Human After All

I am doing a Daft Punk Jam session...come along for the ride.:D

Daft Punk Human After All - Daft Punk Music Video

Tonight I am seeing how good the glass is in my windows.:D CRANK IT UP MORE.:D

Daft Punk - Television Rules The Nation - Daft Punk Music Video Remix

WOW...this is GREAT. CRANK THAT neighbors just love me. :D

Video de Noelia Nuevo - Video de Noelia Nuevo


Video de Noelia - Noelia Video


Bee Gees - Too Much Heaven - Bee Gees YouTube Free Music Video

My guess is that you can't have too much heaven.;)

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees Music Video

Classic...Disco, yet one of the most-influential bands ever.

Maroon 5 - Wake Up Call - Maroon 5 Music Video - YouTube - Musica

AWESOME...I played it twice.:D

Atreyu - Becoming the Bull Music Video

Don't miss the "Bull in the China Shop" Experiment over at The Clever Cynic.