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Lisa Scott-Lee - Get It On - Hot Sexy Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube

She is so smooth.

Kylie Minogue - Giving You Up - Hot Sexy Music Video from YouTube - utube


Hawthorne Heights - Ohio Is For Lovers


ZZ Top - Burger Man - Free YouTube Music Videos - utube

ZZ Top made such awesome videos...rock on ZZ Top.;)

ZZ Top - Legs - Hot Sexy Music Video from YouTube - utube

Perhaps the best-rock video ever.:D

Cheap Trick - Dream Police - Free Music Videos from YouTube - utube

Tonight I am rocking it out.:D

Cheap Trick- I Want You to Want Me

This band put on the best live concert EVER. Rock on Cheap Trick.:D

AC/DC - Back In Black - Free Music Videos - YouTube

Ok, Ok I usually play a variety but tonight I feel like ROCKING IT OUT.

You Shook Me All Night Long -

As you may have guessed, no one has called the police in a while...TIME TO ROCK...CRANK IT UP.:D

Aerosmith - Amazing

Aerosmith ... YES.

Bad Company - If You Needed Somebody (Video)

Hey, what do you know...these tweeter really won't melt.:D Woot for liquid cooling.:D

Guns N' Roses - November Rain

Ok I figure my neighbors are already mad because of the volume of that last why waste a good thing? I am cranking it up...time to ROCK.:D

Sweet Child O' Mine Music Video


Full Metal Alchemist - Bad Day - Free YouTube Music Videos - utube


Brazilian Bikini Contest - Hot Sexy Summer Bikini Contest Video


Three Days Grace--Riot (One-X) - Free YouTube Music VIdeos - utube


Hot Celebs - Sexy Celebrity Babe Video YouTube


Evanescence I Must Be Dreaming - Free Music Videos YouTube - utube


Evanescence feat Linkin Park and Within Temptation


Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody - YouTube Free Music Videos - utube

Perhaps the best song of all time.;)

Queen - We Will Rock You - Free YouTube Music Videos - utube video


Kreator - Betrayer - Free Music Video - YouTube - utube

YES...time to rock.

Hot Sexy Paris Hilton VIdeo Tape - YouTube - utube


Paris Hilton - Jealousy - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube


Paris Hilton Music Video: Stars are Blind - Free Music Videos - utube

Paris Hilton...YES.

Elle McPherson - Supermodel - Photh Montage - Models - Modeling

Supermodel Elle McPherson

Music News - Britney Spears - Backstreet Boys News Single

The latest Music News.

Britney Spears LIVE !!! - Free Music Videos from YouTube - utube


Britney Spears - Live At Grammy Awards 2000

I must say, Britney Spears always rocks the house.;)

Video de Johanna Cardona - Video - Free Videos - Johana Cardona

Johanna Cardona, Brazil's Sexiest TV Reporter.

Noelia VIdeo - VIdeo de Noelia - Free Videos - YouTube - utube


Noelia Video - Video de Noelia - Free Videos


Iggy Pop - Sixteen - Free Music VIdeos - YouTube - utube


Iggy Pop - Candy - Free Music VIdeos - YouTube - utube


Six Feet Under - War Machine - Alone in the Dark

YES...creepy, yet cool.:D

Amanda Bynes - Free Music Video from YouTube - utube

I love this song.

Amanda Bynes

Yes, she seems quite likeable.

Lacey Schwimmer Tribute - She Can't Help It


Metallica- Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Free Music Videos - utube - YouTube

This is quite a show tonight eh? :D

Metallica In The Simpsons - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube

Metallica...YES...Simpsons... YES.

Simple Plan - Shut Up - Free YouTube Music VIdeos - utube


Billy Idol - Flesh for Fantasy - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube

So smooth.