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Skype Protect Yourself - Free How to Video

A few days ago, I featured Skype, the new VOIP software that frees you from your PC to make calls via your cellphone. This shows you how to protect your IP address.

--The Clever Cynic

Doctor Who Billie Piper Something Deep Inside - Hot Sexy YouTube Music Video


Girls Aloud - Watch Me Go Live At Wembley


Hooters of Rockford Bikini Contest Music Video


Charlotte Church - Call My Name - Hot Sexy Music Video - YouTube - utube


Sugababes - Freak Like Me - Hot Sexy Free Music Videos - utube - YouTube


Sunblock - First Time - Hot Sexy Free Music VIdeo - YouTube - utube video


Jessica Simpson - These Boots Are Made for Walking - Hot Sexy Music Vidoe - YouTube - utube


Kraftwerk - Tour De France - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube video


George Michael - Father Figure - Free Music Videos YouTube - utube


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Madonna - Lucky Star Extended - Free Music Video - YouTube - utube video hot.

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Madonna - Like A Prayer - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube video


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Massive Attack - Live With Me - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube


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Beautiful Girls - JoJo - Free Music Video - YouTube - utube

Wow, this version is much better.

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Blink 182 - Down - Free Music VIdeos - YouTube - utube

Blink 182 is awesome.

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Blink 182 - I'm Sorry - YouTube Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube video

Blink 182...sweet.

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AF5 - Konsert 1 - Melayu Music VIdeo - YouTube


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Sofaz - Janjiku - Melayu Music Video - YouTube Music Video - utube

Malaysian Music Video. Melayu Music Style.

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Melayu Music Video AF5 - Konsert 1 - Heliza - YouTube Music Video


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Guitar World Hero - Melayu Guitar Solo

Guitar Melayu Style.

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Melayu Music Video - Search-Isi dan Kulit

This is rock, Malaysian Style.;)
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Melayu Music Video - YouTube - Iyeth Bustami - Mana?! (ballad of a red scarf)


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Gadis Melayu - Melayu Music Video - YouTube - utube


Tonight, I am checking out the new Melayu Music Craze.

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Shazzy Derita - Music Video - Melayu Music Video - YouTube


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Melayu Music Video - Punchline Gundah Music Video

Another of the Malaysian bands.

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Melayu Music Video - Trio Libel´s - Bila Itu Maumu - Free YouTube Music Videos

Another Malaysian music group.

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Melayu Music Video - The Malay Drummer

Tonight I am checking out some of the cool Malaysian Melayu rhythms.

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Melayu Music Video Clip - Bok'Teh - Bining

Tonight I am checking out Melayu, a malaysian music movement.

--The Video Surfer

Melayu Rock Music Video - Search - Bencana (Konsert Selepas Banjir)

Tonight I go clear across the globe and check out some Malaysian rock bands.:D Enjoy the show.

--The Video Surfer

Melayu Rock Music Clip - Baybeats 05'

This is some Malaysian rock. Strange harmonies, yet cool.

--The Video Surfer

Melayu Music - Jali Bunga - Selamat Benganting Baru

I am VERY sure that I NEVER want to find out what "Jail Bunga" means...but I love this sound.

The Video Surfer

Melayu Pop Music Clip

This is the new Melayu Pop Music. I guess this is rock music in other parts of the world.:D

--The Clever Cynic

Abingdon Boys School - 4 Howling - Free Music Videos YouTube - utube


T-Pain Ft Akon - Bartender [Video Premiere]

Akon Videos are always so it.

Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams live in Austin 1995

I'll bet this show was AWESOME live.;)

Underoath - Reinventing Your Exit - Free Music VIdeos - YouTube - utube

This band just ROCKS.

Slipknot - Left Behind - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube


Beautiful - Nick Lachey - Free Music Videos - YouTube - utube

This video is so smooth.

Nick Lachey - Vanessa Minillo - What's Left of Me

Smooth. Nick Lachey just wails here...awesome.

Lonely - Britney Spears: Live From Las Vegas

Britney Spears puts on an awesome show in Vegas.;)

Britney Spears - Live from Mars

This is actually more-convincing than the original NASA moonwalk footage.:D

--The Clever Cynic

David Lee Roth - Shoo Bop - Free Music Video - utube - YouTube

David Lee Roth videos RULE.

David Lee Roth - Just a Gigolo

David Lee Roth vidoes RULE. Don't forget the Van Halen Reunion tour this outta rock.

Kiss - J - Entercom

Dang, the piano in this is AWESOME. The sound in this is SO PURE...WOW.

Eiffel 65 - Viaggia Insieme A Me

I am so totally into this band.

Eiffel 65 - Too Much Of Heaven (Final Fantasy X)


"I'm Blue" Eiffel 65 - Free Music Video


Things Got Way Out of Hand at Ozzfest

Apparently things got way out of hand at Ozzfest. What was intended to be a celebration of Rock and Roll, turned into a riot and an underage drinking bust with 83 arrested. Two men died from cardiac arrest. According to a police spokesman, the men said that they had taken cocaine, marijuana and alcohol.

I have been to a LOT of concerts and I have never felt that alcohol or drugs would add ANYTHING to the experience. I go to enjoy the show and the music...leave that stuff at home, or better yet stay home. There is nothing worse than being at a concert next to some obnoxious drunk.

--The Video Surfer